Whether a company excursion, bachelor party or school trip, our Escape Rooms are always a good idea.


Our Escape Rooms are ideal for company excursions, Christmas parties or training courses. The groups have to prove that they can work in a team and a wide range of skills are required. In the race against time, many a team has grown closer together playing our escape rooms.

Company event in Braunschweig


Many bachelor parties celebrate this very special day in our Escape Rooms in Braunschweig. Let your team start with a challenge and get to know each other even better. Our Escape Rooms are guaranteed to bring you together so well that the rest of the day will be a real team experience.

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Are you looking for a very special activity for a school trip in Braunschweig? Then our Escape Rooms are just the thing for you.

In our Escape Rooms the students have to solve many puzzles, find hiding places, use different tools and open some secret doors within an hour in order to work as a team and solve their tasks successfully.


A very special school trip


Are you looking for a very special activity for a children’s birthday party in Braunschweig? Then our Escape Rooms in the Bruchtorwall are the right choice for your birthday.

The children have to solve many tasks together, discover secret doors and work in a team to bring the story to a good end. From the age of 13, children can play the Escape Rooms without an adult.


An unforgetable children´s birthday party
5 Stars What the others say

Ich war gestern mit meinen Kollegen im neuen Jägermeister und was soll ich sagen . . . Ein wahnsinnig interessanter Raum, ausgeklügelt und tricky. Am Anfang kann man sich kaum vorstellen, was einen erwartet. Die ganzen Details sind der Wahnsinn. Man merkt, dass die Betreiber hier an kein festes Raumkonzept gebunden sind und ihren Ideen freien Lauf lassen können.

Sandra S.