In our Escape Rooms you will embark on an exciting adventure with your friends, family or colleagues. You’ll face challenging missions and visit mysterious places in authentic settings. You will crack locks, defuse traps, find hiding places and combine information and items in a team. Can you complete the adventure in time?

2 Locations, 11 Escape Rooms, Space for up to 140 people
Face the challenge and experience magical adventures
Choose between 11 different game worlds and become heroes

Morrah Island

Can you uncover the dark secret surrounding the mystical island of Morrah Island and prevent the Apocalypse? Save your life and escape from the dark clinic!

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  • 4-9 Players, from 16 years on
  • Mysterious & Creepy
  • ****
In cooperation with Jägermeister – have to be 18 years of age

The Secret Elixir

Find the secret elixir hiding deep in the forests of Wolfenbüttel. To do this, gain access to the old hunting lodge in Wolfenbüttel’s forests and decipher the ingredients for the secret elixir.

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  • 4-10 Players, have to be 18 years
  • Diverse & Adventures
  • ****
In cooperation with Eintracht Braunschweig

Club of Experts

You’ve engaged in a dangerous game with the Club of Experts. Can you destroy the evidence and disguise the machinations of the Club of Experts?

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  • 4-9 Players
  • Action packed & Thrilling
  • *****
Gangster’s Paradise

Dragons of Dublin

As a private detective, uncover the mysterious crime associated with the old pub and its shady characters.

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  • 4-10 Players
  • Wheeled & Delighted
  • *****
The secret safe house

The Warehouse

Can you stop the notorious villain Dr. Danger and save Braunschweig from destruction?

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  • 3-6 Players
  • Exciting & Mysterious
  • ****
No Escape

Prison Break

Do the impossible, free yourself from your shackles and break out of the Braunschweig prison.

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  • 3-6 Players
  • Boundless & Tricky
  • ****
A dark conspiracy

The Reichsbank

Your plan to rob the Braunschweig Reichsbank has failed thoroughly and now you are tied up in the bank director’s office. Free yourselves and escape with the gold treasure.

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  • 2-6 Players
  • Enigmatic & Diverse
  • *****
On a top-secret mission


The Cuban crisis is in full swing and the situation threatens to escalate. Prevent the countdown to the rocket launch to save everyone from a catastrophe.

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  • 3-6 Players
  • Interactive & Adventurous
  • ****
5 Stars That´s what our customers say

Es war eine super Betreuung und ein großer Spaßfaktor. Eine schöne Art Teamentwicklung zu machen. Die Räume und die Rätsel sind gelungen. Wir waren mit 15 Leuten da und hatten 3 Räume gebucht. Unbedingt mal machen !

Sonia K.
5 Stars That´s what our customers say

Es war ein toller Besuch im Hidden BS! Nur Empfehlenswert! Spannend und aufregend. Wir waren schon das 2. Mal dort und kommen wieder in die anderen Räume noch zu spielen.

Maike G.
5 Stars That´s what our customers say

Die Zeit verging wie im Flug. Der von uns gespielte Raum war sehr schön und detailreich eingerichtet Die Rätsel und die Hilfen waren sehr fair und gut zu lösen Die Angestellten waren sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit. Wir kommen bestimmt wieder und werden die anderen Räume spielen

Tobias B.

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Play with your group in our rooms. Whether team event, children’s birthday party, school trip or bachelor party – our rooms are suitable for the most diverse occasions, age groups and group sizes.

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You don’t have enough of our Escape Rooms yet and want to continue puzzling at home? Pick a team or simply investigate alone in our crime case “Der Fall Klein-Borstelheim”.

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