Behind Hidden Games are Felix, Daniel, Rieke, Stephan, Ricardo, Fridolin and Hauke. Together with 3 employees and 2 freelancers, they are responsible for the conception, production and marketing of the mystery and puzzle games. Along the way, they manage the three Escape Room locations in Hamburg, Braunschweig and Hannover and are supported by energetic team of location managers, office staff, game leaders and carpenters.

In 2015 we started with Escape Rooms in Hamburg and Braunschweig.
Hannover and Zürich were added as further locations
Our Escape Game Truck has been travelling through Germany since 2018.
Since 2019, we have been developing puzzle games to play at home – now our main business!


Bücher Rätsel


The 7 founders bring a wide range of specialisations and skills with them. From programmers to lawyers, marketing experts, business administrators, engineers and creative minds, almost everything is represented here. This makes each of us a specialist and enables us all to act very quickly. Whenever we are at our wit’s end, we rely on the skills of our staff or seek advice from outside.

Die Gründer von Hidden Games


We all do what we are absolutely passionate about. This ensures a constant stream of new ideas, quick implementation, hard work and the will to do one’s job incredibly well. As a result, our company has grown a lot in a very short time and we can never get enough of constantly thinking in new directions. Even though we were once budding engineers, lawyers and advertisers, we wouldn’t trade our current jobs for anything else.


Before we outsource a task, we first try it ourselves. With our puzzle games, we were able to do completely without a publisher and so have grown into a small publishing house. We create concepts, we develop, we produce, market and sell. In our Escape Rooms we develop and build everything ourselves and programme the technology behind it. This approach means that we fully understand everything we do, decisions can be made quickly and processes can be changed.