Detective Game

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A MYSTERIOUS DEATH AT A FOLK FESTIVAL CAUSES DISTURBANCE.\r\nThe death was dismissed by the police as natural and you are instructed by an unknown to investigate the case again more closely. But who is the unknown client? And is it really a natural death? Solve in a team of up to 6 detectives this exciting first criminal case of Hidden Games in a multidimensional hunt for the perpetrator.\r\n\r\nnumber of players: 1-6 players | age recommendation: 14 years and older | Game time: 90-150 minutes\r\n\r\nPrice: 21,90€ free shipping, incl. 19% VAT.\r\n\r\n\r\n

information\r\nWith our detective game you can continue puzzling directly at home. An exciting case is waiting for you and your team to investigate.\r\nYou’ll play together as a team, and you’ll have to check alibis, go through documents, and search for evidence to find the right answers.\r\n

SHIPPING AFTER RECEIPT OF PAYMENT\r\nCurrently you can buy our detective game via Paypal or bank transfer. Immediately after receipt of your payment, the game will be shipped the next day at the latest. If you buy the game via bank transfer, you will receive our account information immediately after the purchase by email. After we have received the bank transfer, we will send the game directly by post.\r\n

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO GIVE US YOUR ADDRESS. the detective game is only available in german!”,
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