Due to our many years of experience in the Escape Game industry, we can offer you some additional services. From franchise to space and gadget building to puzzle development, we have various offers for you.

5 years experience in in the Escape-Room-Industry
Experience in the field of mobile escape rooms
A founding team of engineers, programmers, lawyers and business economists


Development of new rooms for your Escape Room

Our many years of know-how and a team of carpenters, technicians and artists make it possible for us to offer room design for you. We completely orientate ourselves to what you need and develop individual puzzles, build backdrops or advise you. Of course, it is also possible to purchase individual rooms or entire room concepts from us.



Are you planning a mobile Escape Room concept and looking for a competent partner?

With our own mobile offers we have already gained a lot of experience in the field of mobile escape rooms. We are aware of the opportunities and risks of mobile games and can advise you. Of course we can also develop individual mobile puzzle concepts for you.



With our first detective game “Der Fall Klein-Borstelheim”, we ventured into crime games and developed a completely new game concept, in which you work together in a group in a very realistic case.

We will be happy to work out new ideas with you and provide you with advice. We also have a corresponding partner network for the production of board games.



If we can really do something, then it’s technical puzzles!

With a team of many electrical engineers, programmers, carpenters and artists, you can count on us to provide you with reliable, creative puzzle elements.