The coolest kids birthday party

Are you looking for a very special activity for a children’s birthday party in Hanover? Then our Escape Rooms in the city centre are just the right for you.


Suitable for children 10 years and older
Surprises the birthday child with a puzzle box
Have an unforgettable day


Up to 7 children can play in one room.

We have a total of four rooms at our location in Hanover.  You can choose whether you prefer to travel through time, board a spaceship or solve the mystery of the Welfen conspiracy.

If the average age at the children’s birthday party is under 13 years, an adult should come with the children and take a seat in the introduction room with our instructors or play for free. There is always a play leader of us supervises the play group by camera and can give at the correct place also the one or other small reference, if the group does not know further and needs help times.

The average age of the children should not be less than 11 years.

The games will take 1.5 hours including a short introduction and debriefing. The cost is 24 Euro per person. Adults accompanying the group play free of charge.

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If you would like to surprise the children or the guests in the room once more, then the surprise box is just the thing for you. With the included detective game, the children have another task at home.

I want a surprise box
5 Stars The enthusiastic children

Ich habe meinen Geburtstag dort gefeiert und bin total zufrieden und sehr glücklich über meine Endscheidung:) Die Rätsel waren spannend und nicht zu schwer zu lösen und die Einrichtung und Dekoration waren echt super.

Z. Atalay