1. general regulations for the following service: Hidden in Hannover offers puzzle games in which the participants try to get out of a room within the given time.

2. liability of Hidden in Hannover

2.1 Hidden in Hannover assumes no liability for injuries or other damages caused by the participants themselves.

2.2 Hidden in Hannover accepts no liability for any deterioration in the participant’s state of health, other damage to health or accidents (e.g. malaise, fainting, heart attack, claustrophobia, panic attack, asthma, etc.).

3. obligations of the participant

3.1 The Live Escape Room solutions are considered a trade secret. Partial or complete publication or disclosure to third parties is strictly prohibited.

4. conditions of participation

4.1 Participants under the age of 14 may only take part in the game when accompanied by an adult.

4.2 Participation in the game is at one’s own risk.

4.3 The participant acknowledges that the door of the game room closes for 60 minutes and can only be opened by solving the tasks. In justified cases the door can be opened prematurely by the organizers.

4.4 People suffering from claustrophobia, panic attacks, asthma, heart disease, infectious diseases or other health-endangering diseases are not advised to participate in the game. Hidden in Zurich accepts no liability for any resulting accidents, damage or damage to health.

4.5 All damages caused in the playroom are to be reimbursed.

4.6 Photo and video recordings in the playroom are not permitted.

4.7 Smoking is prohibited in the play area.

4.8 A violation of the rules of the game will result in the immediate exclusion of the participant, in which case the participation fee will not be refunded.

5. cancellation and revocation

The booked date can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the start time by telephone or email. A late cancellation causes cancellation fees. Cancellation later than 48 hours before the event will result in a cancellation fee of 50 €. In case of unexcused non-attendance we will charge the full amount.

6. right of revocation
§ 312 g 2 No. 9 BGB does not apply to the acquisition of admission rights through online bookings. It follows from this that there is no right of revocation with regard to the declaration of intent which was submitted by the acquisition and execution of an online booking.