Are you looking for a very special activity for a children’s birthday party in Hamburg? Then our Escape Rooms on board the CAP SAN DIEGO are just the thing for you. In our Escape Rooms the children have to solve many puzzles, find hiding places, use objects and open secret doors within one hour to solve their task.

Suitable for children 10 years and older
Surprise the birthday child with a puzzle box
Afterwards explore the ship


Up to 8 children can play in our Escape Rooms.

In total we have 3 rooms suitable for a children’s birthday party (“The Golden Skull” and two times “The Master of Time”), so that you can play with up to 24 children at the same time.

If the average age at the children’s birthday party is under 12 years, an adult should come with the children and take a seat or play in the introduction room (free of charge, of course). There is always a game master present to supervises group and can also give little hints here and there, if needed.

The average age of the children should not be less than 10 years.

The games last 1.5 hours including a short introduction and debriefing. The costs for the games are 32 Euro per person (minimum amount of 160€ – price for 5 players), adult accompanying persons are not included and play accordingly free of charge.



For the somewhat smaller purse and a playful treasure hunt over the entire ship, the scavenger hunt is exactly the right thing. In small teams you’ll search for the forgotten treasure of the CAP SAN DIEGO or master the final exam of the sailors on the RICKMER RICKMERS.

The children can expect many puzzles and tasks and an exciting treasure hunt in the race against other groups.

The scavenger hunt is suitable only for groups of children from 13 years up. Younger children must be supervised by one adult per group, otherwise the puzzles are too difficult.

The scavenger hunt costs 17 euros per person and takes about 1.5 hours.

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Before or after the Escape Game you can visit the whole Cap San Diego (opening hours of the museum are daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.). The tour is free of charge for all our players (and also for the accompanying person).

There is also a bistro on board where you can buy food (e.g. bockwurst, potato salad, fish rolls,…) and drinks at reasonable prices until 6 pm. You are also welcome to bring your own meals and sit on deck with them. Unfortunately, there is no extra room for this.

If you really want to surprise the birthday child, you can also book a surprise box for the room. You think up your own puzzle and put your presents for the birthday child in the box.

Surprise box
5 Stars

Wir hatten hier das Spiel “Der goldende Schädel” auf der Cap San Diego für einen Kindergeburtstag gebucht. Den Kindern wurde alles gut erklärt und auch während des Spiels war die Betreuung sehr gut. Ein voller Erfolg – die Kinder waren begeistert!

Marie F.